If you’re wondering, “nut” isn’t always a derogatory term. Once quick check of the dictionary shows that it’s also someone who is enthusiastic or zealous about something. Half Nut is definitely enthusiastic and zealous about web design and development not just in Utah but around the world. We strive to be zealous in our web design with tableless design using CSS for layout and true semantic markup in our HTML.
We’re also enthusiastic about creating the best web site for you and your companies outsourcing or web project needs.

  1. nut
    1. Slang
      1. a person who is very enthusiastic about something; buff; enthusiast; devotee: He’s a real circus nut.
      2. an extremely concerned or zealous person: My boss is a nut on double-checking everything.

Half Nut Development is the culmination of over twelve years of web design & development experience. Half Nut Development has worked with countless companies large and small around the world.

Half Nut is passionate about producing the best quality web sites both inside and out.
We are anxious to bring our years of experience and passion to develop a web site or application for you.
We specialize in producing the highest quality web design and development from MVC (Model View Controller) and MVP (Model View Presenter) design patterns to advanced CSS and tableless design to highly interactive sites with
JQuery JavaScript libraries and AJAX for web development

There are many low-priced web shops you can find on the Internet but look at the quality they produce.
Just like buying a car from a questionable used-car salesman, you need to look under the hood.
Many times a site might appear to work fine, but under the hood it can be a mess. This can cause your site
not to work in different browsers and not display correctly for some users.
It can also cause your site to be slower than it should be, take up more space and cost you more money in bandwidth.

Give your site a try. Go to http://validator.w3.org/
and put in your sites URL. If you get back a red page with errors you’ll know your site is broken, if it comes back with a green banner then you’ve passed validation by the web standards board (W3C) and you know you have good code.

What’s in a name

Half Nut, where did the name come from? Strangely enough I’ve received numerous compliments on my company name.
At this point in the Internet timeline most common names and proper names are already registered domain names. I wanted a name that was easy to spell/type into a browser, was something you remembered and represented my personality. Half Nut works for me on so many levels as there are many sites out there that may look good on the outside, but take a look at the code and you might just cringe. It truly does matter what’s inside, what’s inside the person and what’s inside your web pages code.

Now some people might say, “So what, if it looks good then why does it matter what the code is.”
Well, there are numerous reasons, let’s look at a few why writing valid code matters.

Semantic Markup & Tableless design matters because;

  • It makes your pages smaller to download.
  • It makes your pages load/render in the browser faster.
  • Tables for layout slow pages down both in size and time to render.
  • Valid markup is easier for search engines to parse.
  • The pages are easier to maintain.
  • It’s faster and easier to create new pages as the design cascades.
  • You pay less for hosting costs as you require less bandwidth.
  • …and much much more!