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Use Lowercase Markup For Better Compression

Jun 12

Found a great article with stats on this. I’ve been doing lower-case tags and code for years now and with the focus on optimization this is a good reason to keep doing it.


Fred Wilson’s 10 Golden Principles of Successful Web Apps

Jun 10

“First and foremost, we believe that speed is more than a feature. Speed is the most important feature. If your application is slow, people won’t use it. I see this more with mainstream users than I do with power users. I think that power users sometimes have a bit of sympathetic eye to the challenges of building really fast web apps, and maybe they’re willing to live with it, but when I look at my wife and kids, they’re my mainstream view of the world. If something is slow, they’re just gone.

We think that the application has to be fast, and if it’s not, you can see what happens. We have every single one of our portfolio company services on Pingdom, and we take a look at that every week. When we see some of our portfolio company’s applications getting bogged down, we also note that they don’t grow as quickly. There is real empirical evidence that substantiates the fact that speed is more than a feature. It’s a requirement.”


Was Apple Right about Flash?

May 23

Long have there been battles over technology, Apple vs. Windows, Netscape vs. Internet explorer, but this latest battle between Apple and Adobe seems to be heating up.

Apple released their thoughts on Flash that gave their reasoning behind not supporting Flash on their mobile applications, namely the iPhone.

Here’s a good article that details what happened during a recent demo that was supposed to highlight the Flash capability on the web.

Along with Apple’s reasons for hating the web, Flash is just a poor technology that’s implemented by end users even more poorly.  It breaks the model of the web.  Try bookmarking a page in a Flash app or linking to a specific location or getting good SEO or decent navigation.  There are just so many downfalls that it’s just not worth it.