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Utah County Homes Chooses Half Nut Development

Oct 10

Utah County Homes has chosen Half Nut Development for web design and development.

Utah County Homes is a full-service real estate company owned and operated in Utah County. They are dedicated to providing the best service whether you are buying a home in Utah county or selling a home in Utah county.

Check out Utah County Homes today!

Looking for Hardcore Development and IT Training, Try Pluralsight

Feb 17

Looking for hardcore development and IT training? Try Pluralsight.

Pluralsight was founded in 2004 as a classroom training company. Our four founders—Aaron Skonnard, Fritz Onion, Keith Brown, and Bill Williams—created a memorable classroom training experience. We would send an instructor out to a business or have them send their employees to a conference to teach all the developer insights we could pack into a few days. Our customers were happy. Our business was successful.

Three years later, we realized there had to be a better solution.

We decided to create something entirely different, but better in almost every way: an online training experience. This shift allowed us to offer high-quality training at a low price point. No longer did companies have to shell out thousands of dollars for a few days of training. Instead, we can offer year-round education, with more insight, at a relaxed pace, at the exact time you need direction—and you can have it for a nominal price of $29 a month.

Best Sushi in Salt Lake City, Utah

Sep 21

The best sushi in Salt Lake City, Utah

We have to tell you about a wonderful new site about sushi in Utah. I know, I know when you think of quality sushi your first thought probably isn’t Salt Lake City, Utah. Having said that there are some really great sushi restaurants in Salt Lake and this site, Utah Sushi Roll shows you a complete listing of the sushi restaurants in Salt Lake and provides in-depth reviews and great photos of the restaurants and food. It teams with the people of Utah to find the best sushi in Salt Lake City, Utah.